School and Nursery workshops


Fun Little Foodies can provide hands on, educational and extremely fun cooking workshops in schools and nurseries for children aged 3 to 11 years.

Cooking with kids has so many educational, health and social benefits and we can tailor a school or nursery workshop to different curriculum areas or topics.  It is a fantastic way to get children thinking about what they are putting into their bodies and eating healthily as well as developing Numeracy skills (weighing, measuring, counting to name a few!), Language skills (describing food, expressing opinions, learning new vocabulary), Fine Motor skills (pouring, mixing, pinching, rolling) and of course social skills (working together, listening, sharing).

Our workshops can be booked for either a morning or afternoon session or a full day and all equipment and ingredients are provided.

If you would like more information on what we can provide in your school or nursery please contact us.

Children in Reception at Whitehouse Primary had an amazing time with Fun Little Foodies, making healthy meals as part of their PSHE curriculum. The sessions incorporated maths skills – weighing, measuring and counting, alongside social, language and food hygiene skills. Katie and Kirsten are both trained teachers and they took the time to plan the sessions to meet our needs exactly. They came fully prepared with enough equipment and ingredients so that each child was fully involved in the whole process. ‘This is totally awesome!’ shouted one excited pupil  and we totally agree!

Lauren Mann, Reception Class Teacher, Whitehouse Primary School