Noah absolutely loved the cooking class today. He has an egg allergy (uncooked) and I couldn't of been happier with how it was handled. The leader double checked with me before and during. He enjoyed the crafts and the story time too-he was thrilled with his Easter blondies.


We held our daughters 8th birthday party at Fun Little Foodies in Monkseaton and she had a fabulous time. Fun little foodies were very organised and made the whole experience relaxed and easy for me and fun for the little ones. 12 very happy children went home with cupcakes they baked and decorated themselves. Thank you


Such a lovely class. Great recipes that are fun for children to follow. Nice crafts and stories each week. All the foods have been delicious too! Highly recommend!


Aimee (5) loves fun little foodies! The class involves a book, independent cooking, fun activities relating to the theme and tasting of course! (Delicious)
I tend to "help" the kids cook at home, so it's lovely to sit back and watch the cooking skills develop, and exploring new tastes!
Kat is really lovely and patient, and makes sure this class is enjoyable! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try!
Aimee's little sister went along too (too young for class) but was excited to join in to story time and crafts, and ate some of her sisters creations!

Julia (now a Fun Little Foodie Franchisee!)

What a brilliant group Fun Little Foodies is.. Julia is absolutely fantastic at what she does. She really breaks things down to suit all ages and is great interacting with the children. My little boy and niece have enjoyed all the sessions they have been to and always ask to go back