Fun Little Foodies Nottingham Central


Hi, My name is Keely and I am excited to introduce myself as the owner of Fun Little Foodies Nottingham Central!

WE offer regular pre-school and after school sessions, along with weekend workshops, school holiday sessions and children's parties. We can also offer bespoke sessions tailored to your requirements , please get in touch.

I have worked in education for many years as a teacher and have always had a love of cooking and food. I have very fond memories as a little girl baking in my Grandma's kitchen.

Now a mum myself to two beautiful children Arthur & Ava, I have absolutely loved the weaning process and I can regularly be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes for them. My eldest now three, has been my helper ever since he has been able to stand on his kitchen tower. I love getting my children involved in the kitchen as much as possible and I believe that cooking can be so much fun for children, whilst also teaching them vital and valuable life skills that will last a lifetime. I am passionate about getting children to love cooking as much as I do, and I very much look forward to welcoming you and your children at our sessions.


Mon: 10-11am Preschool Class @ St Mary's Family Centre, Arnold.
1.30-2.30pm Preschool Class @ St Luke's Church, West Bridgeford & Gamston.
4-5pm After School Class @ St Luke's Church, West Bridgeford & Gamston.
Sat: Monthly themed Saturday Class - coming soon.


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